Caring For Your Loved One… Hallucinations And Delusions

Issue 33.09

When a mentally impaired person’s senses fail, they may see or hear things that are not there, but are real to them. Sometimes, a person who is somewhat isolated hears voices that they are convinced are real, even though there […]

Why Home Care Is The Best Care With Dignity… Preventing Over Medication

Issue 25 & 26

Here are four more reasons for you to keep your family members and loved ones home instead of a nursing home or assisted living facility:

5. Home care promotes healing. There is much […]

Home Health Care Is The Best Care… Giving Seniors Independence

Issue 22.09

Care for people at home has been around for centuries. In fact, care at home was the primary means of care prior to the emergence of large hospitals and skilled care centers. When the Medicare benefit came into being in […]