Cliff Diving

Issue 10.17

Acapulco Mexico is home to one of the most interesting and dangerous sports in the world – cliff diving. The sport originated in 1934 when two local fishermen challenged each other’s courage by throwing themselves into the sea from the top of the cliffs. Soon after, the La Quebrada Cliff Divers […]

Marriage And Money

Issue 5.17

As investment advisers, we commonly encounter someone that recently loses their spouse or is going through a divorce and they come to us asking for help to understand their investments and finances. Who in your family makes the long term and short term financial plans? In most households we tend to […]

Al Capone

Issue 51.16

We’ve all read the articles on celebrities who have had problems with the IRS. Martha Stewart, Willie Nelson, Nicholas Cage, Wesley Snipes, and Pete Rose, to name a few, have all felt the long arm of the treasury department. But perhaps the most notorious of them all was mob boss Al […]

Utah Fraud Is On The Rise

Issue 46.16

I recently attended a luncheon where a local FBI agent Steve Kleinlein discussed local financial criminal schemes. The FBI reports that financial fraud accounts for approximately 2 billion dollars in loss each year, just in the state of Utah.

Some of the most common crimes include Ponzi schemes, identity theft, blackmail, […]

Navigating Financial Waters

Issue 41.16

Recently, I had the opportunity to float part of the Colorado river. Seeing the canyon from the river’s perspective, allowed me to witness beautiful sights not visible from above. While admiring the beauty, I couldn’t help but think about the dangers that lurk within those magnificent canyon walls.

Most dangers seem […]