Does Untreated Hearing Loss Matter?

Issue 34.13

My neighbor once told me when she turned sixty “the flood gates opened,” and her mailbox was filled with ads for hearing aids that she “does not really need”—she feels her hearing is fine.

I am often asked why untreated hearing loss matters. People wonder why someone should wear hearing aids […]

May Is Better Hearing Month

Issue 15.13

The month of May is “Better Hearing Month”. We hope that for the upcoming month, individuals will have their hearing tested and also become more aware of ways to protect their hearing and hopefully prevent hearing loss.

The most common type of hearing loss in adults is damage to the […]

Tinnitus Explained

Issue 47.12

Tinnitus (pronounced TIN-i-tus or ti-NIGHT-us- either is correct) is hearing noises in your ear in the absence of corresponding external sound. Most people hear a “ringing” in their ears but others may also have ticking, roaring, humming, buzzing or even hear a song.

Many things can cause tinnitus including medications, neurological […]