We The People… Obama’s Shifty Economics

Issue 31.09

Now President Obama says he never envisioned that his stimulus package would afford quick relief to the American economy, but would do so only after it had run its two-year course. Earlier Obama sang a different […]

We The People… What Is Cap And Trade?

Issue 27.09

Last week U.S. House of Representatives approved one of the most crushing tax increases to American consumers in history. Hidden behind the title of “Cap and Trade.” The purpose of this bill, according to an editorial in The Wall Street […]

We The People… What Is Tarp?

Issue 23.09

I recently was privileged to have an open, frank and honest discussion with our Representative, Speaker of the House, David Clark. He responded to an e-mail sent to him, with a personal phone call and asked […]

We The People… Enforce The 19th Amendment

Issue 22.09

As we continue our series of articles on the state of our country’s political climate, we feel it quite appropriate to begin with addressing, what seems to be the most pressing and most often asked question, […]

Tapping In The Wedge… Is Our Constitution In Peril?

As we watch the news, today, we should ask ourselves two questions. First, “what is going on in our country …,” and secondly, “What can I do about it?” The second question often arises from that helpless feeling that so many of us have, as […]