Do You Hate The Phone Or Television?

Issue 40.15

When my Dad watches TV nobody else upstairs can do anything! He has the TV up so loud in the TV room it makes your ears hurt and if you are in the room next door it is difficult to carry on a meaningful conversation.

This and the fact that I […]

What !s So Scary About Home Care?

Issue 33.15

My father told me a long time ago that it is often better to test the water in a river for temperature and depth, with series of small steps than to jump right in with a huge leap. This advice has served me well in fly fishing, the Provo, Green, and […]

Would You Like To Choose Where You Die?

Issue 25.15

For years I have told my wife, I want to die at home in my bed asleep; is this really a choice I can make? People die in the hospital right?

Yes, the reality is that most deaths of Americans happen in a hospital 63%, and about another 17% of people […]

Questions About Moving Into Senior Care

Issue 20.15

1. Do you or your loved one want to leave your home?

Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Independent Living Facilities (ILF), or Skilled Nursing Facilities, (SNF) all require seniors to move away from what they are used to and comfortable with. Seniors who are at home often build up a support group […]

Convincing The Ones We Love To Get Help

Issue 15.15

A few months ago I had a pain in my side when I woke up, and my wife said I should go to the doctor, but I went to work instead. By evening my pain was more pronounced, my wife said I should go into the Instacare, but I thought not. […]

Things I Learned From The Outside In

Issue 10.15

For years now I have been on the inside of the health care system. I have strived to learn what I can and teach those around me what I have learned. Recently my wife had a stroke and I had the opportunity to experience the local health care system from the […]

Paying For Care

Issue 5.15

Once you’ve determined you need help, the question often is, of course, how do you pay for it? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have unlimited funds, so you need to embark on a strategy that will work for your finances!

One of the first keys to not over spending your budget […]

Selecting An In-Home Caregiver

Issue 51.14

Once you’ve determined you need help, the question often is: where do you get it? Call in the kids to help out! They’re supposed to take care of us in our old age, aren’t they? Unfortunately, the kids have spouses and children of their own. And often they have full time […]

Okay, So I Need A Little Help, Now WHAT?

Issue 46.14

Okay so, I’m finally ready to admit to myself that I need a little help! I’m not yet ready to admit it to my children, or anyone else, and I’m certainly are not ready to leave the home that I love or give up my independence. Nor do I want to […]