The Role Of The Medical Examiner

Issue 13.17

Several years ago, the Associated Press published an article by Brett Zongker that discussed the death of former White House press secretary James Brady. Mr. Brady survived a gunshot wound to the head in the 1981 assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan. Although Mr. Brady survived, he endured hours of delicate […]

Scathing Obituaries: Justified or Disrespectful?

Issue 8.17

Recently, the Huffington Post published an article entitled, “‘Relieved’ Family Writes Scathing Obituary For ‘Evil’ Father.” Written by Hilary Hanson, the article discusses an obituary that was penned for a 75-year-old Galveston, TX, man who died of cancer in January. His obituary has generated a lot of buzz for its description […]

Overcoming The Fear Of Death

Issue 7.17

My wife recently had the stomach flu. Cries of “I just want to die” could be heard throughout the house. I remembered reading once that some people fear throwing up more than dying. Can that possibly be true? Not for me. So in jest I told my wife, “When I’m old […]

Don’t Skip The Service

Issue 3.17

Several years ago, my father’s good friend passed away. This friend had made the noble decision to have his body donated to science; however, the wife of the deceased opted to forgo any type of memorial service. My father was saddened by this decision because he deeply wanted to pay his […]

Pre-planning Cremation: Where To Begin?

Issue 2.17

A new year has begun, and many individuals are interested in putting their affairs in order. Pre-planning your final arrangements is an excellent way to accomplish this resolution. As you begin the cremation pre-planning process, it is important to remember that you are not just planning for yourself. You are making […]

Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Issue 49.16

The popular Christmas carol “Silver Bells” begins, “Christmas makes you feel emotional. It may bring parties or thoughts devotional. Whatever happens or what may be, here is what Christmas time means to me.” For those dealing with the loss of a loved one, the celebration of the holiday season can be […]

Cremation Options That Are Out Of This World

Issue 48.16

Would you be surprised to learn that the funeral industry is ever changing? Take cremation, for example. The cremation rate in the United States has been increasing steadily since 1960. As a funeral director, I monitor current funeral trends closely. However, I was a bit surprised by a recent article that […]

Weddings and Funerals

Issue 43.16

These days, it seems like the only time extended families gather together is for one of two occasions: a wedding or a funeral. Both are very emotional occurrences on opposite ends of the spectrum. Friends and family will usually do whatever they can to attend because they understand the importance of […]

Paperwork Required For Cremation

Issue 39.16

Cremation is quickly becoming our nation’s preferred method of disposition. But before a person can be cremated, a fair amount of paperwork and legal documentation must be completed.

It is the responsibility of the funeral home to gather vital statistical information from the legal next-of-kin to begin the process of preparing […]

The Science And Art Of Embalming

Issue 33.16

The process of embalming has been around for thousands of years and has been practiced by many ancient cultures, including the Incas of Peru and during the Han Dynasty in China. Most notably, the ancient Egyptians have been credited with elevating embalming to its highest form by developing the process of […]