A Time of Thanks… “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Issue 52.10

During the Christmas Season our hearts turn to the things that are most dear to us. We find joy as our loved ones gather near to celebrate this special time of the year. The Spirit of the Season fills the […]

Funeral Costs… Comparable Quality And Service

Issue 48.10

Given today’s economic conditions we are all more cautious with how we allocate our time and money. This has caused me to reflect deeply on a recent conversation I had with a wise old timer. As he describes himself “he […]

Living With A Purpose…Acts Of Service

Issue 44.10

As I watch the changes that come with Autumn I pay close attention to the leaves on the trees. I have realized over the years that you can tell a lot about a tree by observing […]

Living By Principles… Facing The Future

Issue 40.10

From the earliest recollections of my youth I remember the elderly generation giving counsel and suggestions on how to go about doing things. I also remember thinking that they didn’t know as much as me, and […]

Overcoming Fear… Take The Time To Plan And Prepare

Issue 35.10

I recently came across a book written in the seventeenth century by Sir Walter Moyle. While reading one day a passage caught my attention, “I think our success and salvation depend largely on how well we can eliminate idle moments […]

The Power Of An Education.. Paying Tribute To A Life

Issue 30.10

Recently I was strolling about a campus of a great University located here in southern Utah. I was overwhelmed by the magnificence of the buildings and the wondrous library filled with art, literature and great books. […]

The Healing Power of Funerals… Heartfelt Feelings And Words Of Others

Issue 26.10

Healing comes in many different forms. Most of us have scraped a knee as a child and watched in awe as the skin replenishes itself leaving no sign of a previous wound. We also can remember […]

Building Bridges… A Time To Pause And Reflect Upon Our Life

Issue 20.10

Some time ago I was speaking with a friend of mine, a general contractor by trade, about the construction of a house he was building. Simply seeing the skeleton structure of the house gave it an enormous appearance. I inquired […]

Integrity… The Life Line In All Relationships

Issue 15.10

Recently my wife of twelve years gave birth to our fourth child, a girl. It was a welcome surprise after three lively boys. It also caused me to reflect on the qualities I sought for in a wife prior to […]

Death And The Economy… Paying Respect To Our Loved One

Issue 47.09

Economic times have changed and many are struggling and facing hardships with the looming uncertainty. Our friends and families are reevaluating their spending habits, and budgets for most have tightened significantly. But there are still things and events that require […]