Personal Stories Of WWII… Our Angel Of Mercy – Part 2

Issue 19.14

Part 2

We thought we could keep little Kathy because her parents had forgotten about the baby but when we moved we had to give little Kathy up. Giving her up was heart wrenching for all six of us; Eloise, Sam and our four oldest daughters. Our next residence city was […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… Our Angel Of Mercy Part 1

Issue 18.14

Part 1

Eloise Matkin was the middle child in a family of thirteen children and was born January 12, 1925 to the George and Julia Matkin family in Swan Lake, Idaho.

Eloise was like a second mother to her younger sister, Lazelle, and they were together much of the time. Eloise […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… New Direction

Issue 17.14

My wife and I have lived in our home in Hurricane for about twelve years and we loved everything about living there. We liked the climate, we had wonderful neighbors and we enjoyed visiting and eating lunch at the Hurricane Seniors Center.

Where we lived, we had access to the swimming […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… Our Buddies

Issue 16.14

We have lost many buddies in this work. For the first months of my Ariel combat tour every tine our squadron was scheduled to fly, we knew that we would have our assignment in the formation. My favorite place in the squadron was number two position in the high element of […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… Different Stations

Issue 15.14

Some have made the military a career but I merely fulfilled my World War Two obligations. As a matter of fact, we guys used to sing a song to a stolen melody that went like this. “When the war is over, we will all enlist again (three times). We will like […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… So Long To An Old Friend

Issue 14.14

Something happened to me this past week that I must sort out and live with. Let me back up to the start of my story.

The year was 1993. I was “retired” but playing at my love which was managing

campgrounds and “RVing”. We needed a three axel 5th wheel trailer […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… The Wee Buzz

Issue 13.14

The time was December 1936 that two eleven year old boys were neighbors on the 400 block of South Idaho Street of Butte, Montana. George Shea was older by two months. Sam Wyrouck’s parents both died when Sam was seven so at age eleven his older sister and her husband got […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… World War Two Transport Pilot

Issue 12.14

My friend and neighbor of 65 years who is now again a neighbor and still a good friend was a World War Two transport pilot. My definition of an “Old Friend” is one that has known you long enough to know of all your faults and is still your friend. He […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… Time

Issue 11.14

Time is a very difficult thing to define. Time means something totally different to lovers, politicians, athletes or astronomers. Everything the Air Corp does is in relation to time. When I was told to report for active duty after graduating from High School I was told where and when to be […]

Personal Stories Of WWII… Reed Ellsworth A Warrior

Issue 10.14

During World War 2, Reed Ellsworth was a navigator on a B-24 in the 15th Air Force flying bombing missions out of a base in Italy to targets in Germany, Italy, Austria and other places. His Bomber was shot down over German occupied Italy and most of the surviving members of […]