Senior Finances… When a Significant Life Event Occurs, It’s Time to Review Your IRA Beneficiary

Issue 43.10

Many investors commit a common estate-planning mistake with their IRA assets. Unfortunately, the mistake sometimes becomes apparent only after the account owner dies— when it comes time to transfer the IRA to the heirs. For the […]

Senior Finances… Choosing the “Right” Executor

Issue 39.10

A will is a “living” document; therefore whenever you have a major life change you should consider reviewing your will. Part of this review should include making sure the person you have chosen to be your executor or personal representative […]

Senior Finances…What Exactly Is Wealth Management?

Issue 35.10

The two words signify a far-reaching kind of financial care.

There’s financial planning, and then there’s wealth management. Think of wealth management as a step up from garden-variety financial planning. One office (rather than one […]

Senior Finances… Critical Illness Insurance

Issue 31.10

What it is, why people opt for it.

Ever hear of critical illness insurance? This isn’t standard-issue disability insurance, but a cousin of sorts. With people living longer, it is a risk management option […]

Senior Finances… An Estate Tax Break For Farm Families?

Issue 27.10

If passed, H.R. 3524 would spare some heirs from estate taxes:

An interesting bill on the back burner of Congress:

Last summer, Reps. Mike Thompson (D-CA) and John […]

Senior Finances… Do Your Investments Match Your Risk Tolerance?

Issue 23.10

Now is a good time to examine what’s in your portfolio.

The stock market is unsettled … and perhaps its fluctuations are unsettling you. It’s a stressful time for the economy and Wall Street, and […]

Senior Finances… Preventing Identity Theft

Issue 15.10

It’s easy to be victimized. What can you do to protect yourself?

Identity theft can be as primitive as “ghosting” – taking a dead person’s name and making a fake Social Security card with a […]

Senior Finances… An Investor’s Best Friends

Issue 11.10

Meet diversification, patience, and consistency.

Any investor would do well to call on three friends during the course of his or her financial life: diversification, patience and consistency. Regardless of how the markets perform, they […]

Senior Finances… Do You Know Where Your Pension Plan Is?

Issue 8.10

How’s your pension plan doing? Many people know they have a pension plan, but they’re not quite sure how it works, how stable it is, or exactly how their money is invested. The details are often hazy.

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Senior Finances… Tax Efficiency

Issue 6.10

A little phrase that may mean a big difference. When you read about investing and other financial topics, you occasionally see the phrase “tax efficiency” or a reference to a “tax-sensitive” way of investing. What does that really mean?