Geek Speak… Constant Change

Issue 14.17

We live in a time of constant change and the adoption of new technologies even as old ones fade away. The rate of change is accelerating. I guess I am old, but the new technologies that I saw growing up seemed new and exciting. 8 Track tapes were cool because you […]

Geek Speak… Computer Check-Up

Issue 12.17

I know I will probably lose a few customers by sharing these secrets, but I want my readers to know what they can do to make their computer experience better and solve or prevent problems. Here are a few things you can do to optimize your computer safely without having to […]

Geek Speak… Pinterest

Issue 10.17

Just about anyone who uses computers knows what it is to “google” things. Searching for information on our PCs is a daily thing for most of us. We just put in a word or phrase to a search engine and use the results to find the information we are looking for, […]

Geek Speak… Entertainment on the Computer

Issue 8.17

It seems lately we always have to discuss the latest threat or some other problem. Today I want to focus on one of the reasons we use these machines in spite of the troubles we sometimes have.

There are a lot of fun and informative things you can do with your […]

Geek Speak… Avoiding and Recovering from Scams

Issue 6.17

It seems that I am spending more time and energy on helping people avoid scams and helping them recover from the damage done when they make the mistake of trying to work with those that are trying to hurt them.

Here are the signs of scamware. It will pop up on […]

Geek Speak… Protection You Don’t Want

Issue 4.17

There is a new protection program out there that is getting a lot of attention – much of it not good. The program and company in question is ScanGuard. It promises a lot and uses a number of dubious website tricks to sell you on installing it. For this reason, it […]

Geek Speak… Projection TV/Monitors

Issue 3.17

Flat panel TVs are getting bigger and less expensive. This was reflected in the Christmas specials recently when I saw 50 inch and bigger TVs that cost under $400. That is amazing considering that two years ago, 40 inch TVs were a deal at $600. You can still spend a lot. […]

Geek Speak… Used Tech for Christmas

Issue 51.16

Before I jump into today’s subject, I want my readers to know that it is still an option to get computers with Windows 7. Many of my customers still don’t like Windows 10 and wish to go with a new or used Windows 7 machine. Windows 7 will be supported at […]

Geek Speak… Viruses, Malware and Scamware

Issue 49.16

These terms are often confused and are a source of frustration, anger and expense to many people. In an effort to help you know the difference and to know how to deal with the various dangers, I am sharing some information that will hopefully be helpful. Make sure you have an […]

Geek Speak… Cyber Monday And Other Sales

Last week we focused on Black Friday sales, some of which are already under way and some that start on Thanksgiving or the next day (Friday) and which have some very good deals. To review that article you can go to . In addition, there are other sales that you may want […]