Geek Speak… Apps That Matter

Issue 35.17

I was taking time to review all the apps I have added to my smart phone over the last few years and found that there are a bunch of them that I do not use and some that I have never used. I also found that there are lot of games […]

Geek Speak… Password Managers

Issue 33.17

About 25% of the service calls I respond to include a problem with passwords. Either the client has forgotten one or more or it has gotten corrupted or might have been stolen and needs to be reset. The problem is, if you don’t know the password, you can’t get into the […]

Geek Speak… How To Add A Second Monitor

Issue 31.17

The first thing to ask yourself is if you actually need or want one. If you just check your email and occasionally go on facebook or one of the news sites, you probably do not. However, if you find yourself having to close one window to open another or stacking the […]

Geek Speak… Gaming as a Spectator Sport

Issue 29.17

My grandson has been staying with us for a few weeks and seems really intent on playing some online computer games. I asked him about the time he was taking with it and he indicated he is trying to make it a career and is getting close to succeeding. I remember […]

Geek Speak… How Corporate Security Procedures Can Help You

Issue 27.17

If it were not for the emotional and financial devastation that some of the new viruses and malware are causing, it would be almost comical. Last week saw the release of another and even more destructive virus into the world of PC users. I will share the name of this one […]

Geek Speak… Another New (But Old) Threat

Issue 25.17

It sometimes seems that I spend about half my time educating people about new viruses or threats to their systems. I often wish I could do more with the examination of new products, basic terminology and nifty ways to use software and technology, and we do get into those things pretty […]

Geek Speak… Updates and Upgrades

Issue 23.17

We visited about this issue a few months back, but it bears repeating and, with the new importance of making sure your computer has the most recent updates to avoid ransomware and other troubles, should be paid attention to as quickly as possible. An upgrade is a change of version or […]

Geek Speak… New Ransomware Hitting Millions

Issue 21.17

You may have seen news items about the WannaCryWannaCrypt malware hitting computers around the globe. It is serious and very difficult or impossible to recover from. I will outline how to avoid it, protect yourself from it and possible recovery options – though those are few and far from definite. This […]

Geek Speak… CPU and Memory Loads

Issue 20.17

The workhorses in your computer are the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Random Access Memory (RAM). These two components are what does all the thinking in the computer. The hard drive and associated other storage devices such as external hard drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs and BluRays are for storage […]

Geek Speak: Overheating is the Enemy

Issue 18.17

As we head into the hotter months locally, it brings up the concern of how to keep your computer cool and running smoothly.

The first and most important thing is to make sure the cooling fans in your computer are working well and not clogged up with dust or pet hair. […]