Visit The New You Wellness Clinic… Hope Is The Beginning Of All New Creation

Issue 40.13

This hope comes from within you, a hope that things can be different and better. Transformation of anything takes organized effort, giving you the power to change.

Ultrasonic Fat Reduction – a non-invasive means to contour the body and lose fat. It is the most effective method for eliminating stubborn cellulite […]

New You Wellness Clinic Encourages Good Nutrition And Healthy Weight Loss

Issue 29.13

At the New You Wellness Clinic we encourage good nutrition and healthy weight loss by following Dr. Wayne Andersen’s” Habits of Health”. He states “Water is a critical component of your body, making up between 55 and 60 percent of your weight.” Your body can’t store water–unlike fat–so you need to […]

The New You Wellness Clinic… Ultrasonic Fat Reduction

Issue 25.13

We endeavor to Unveil your inner Beauty and Strength within by offering the latest in a holistic approach to weight management, body toning and total wellness. Who wants to go under anesthesia, the bruising, the pain of recovering, and taking 2-3 weeks off work to have the effects of a surgical […]