ASK TOM: Are Prenuptial Agreements Really Necessary?

Issue 43.17

You are getting married — for the second time. While everyone is congratulating you on finding love again, your children are encouraging you to complete a prenuptial agreement. Why are your children so concerned about your new life? Are they overreacting?

Most children who have experienced a parent in a second […]

Ask Tom: What You May Not Know About Wills and Probate

Issue 38.17

Most of us have a basic understanding of Wills and Probate but sometimes that knowledge is as basic as Wills are good, Probate is bad. While there is some validity to that thought process, here are a few misconceptions:

If I die without a will, the probate process will take years. […]

ASK TOM: How Do I Start The Process Of Estate Planning?

Issue 33.17

This is another great question that we get all the time. Starting to plan your estate can be a daunting, and even emotional, process. Many people avoid thinking or talking about anything that reminds them they are not 18 anymore. Because our eventual date with death is inevitable, and we never […]

ASK TOM: What Do I Need To Know About Estate Planning In A Second Marriage?

Issue 28.17

We all know someone who is in a second marriage and many of us are in a second marriage. Second marriages can be exciting and fulfilling while at the same time present special planning challenges. A second marriage may include his children, her children, and sometimes our children. How will the […]

ASK TOM: Why Would I Choose A Corporate Trustee For A Revocable Trust?

Issue 23.17

When creating a trust, there are two basic choices for a trustee: (1) an individual; or (2) a corporate entity. In our last article, we addressed the individual trustee and factors to consider when choosing an individual trustee. In this article, we review factors to consider when choosing a corporate trustee. […]

ASK TOM: Do I Really Need a Lawyer For Estate Planning?

Issue 13.17

In a culture of Do-It-Yourself, does it make sense to retain an attorney to complete your estate planning? We are all aware of the availability of legal documents on the Internet and the ease with which you can purchase a legal package to complete your own Will and some related documents.


Ask Tom: Can I Prevent My Children From Fighting Over My Personal Assets After I Die?

Issue 8

Chances are you own items of personal property that have monetary and sentimental value. These items could be jewelry, antiques, art, heirlooms, furniture, or sporting goods that you want a certain child, grandchild, relative, friend, charity, or other organization to receive after your death.

You may not be concerned about who […]

New Year Estate Planning… It’s Not Too Late

Issue 5.17

Since we’re a few weeks into 2017, we invite you to remember to frequently revisit the goals you set for yourself. The key to keeping any resolution or goal is to make it specific and attainable. This year, we want to remind you of the importance of keeping your estate plan […]

I Am The Trustee Of A Trust Or Personal Representative Of An Estate – What Are My Responsibilities And Obligations?

Issue 44.16

When someone becomes incapacitated or passes away, you may find yourself in charge of administering a trust, or the decedent’s estate. You may have been nominated as successor trustee through a Trust, the personal representative (executor) through a Will, or the court may have appointed you to administer the estate. Here […]

Undue Influence: A Form of Elder Abuse

Issue 39.16

Mickey Rooney, who earned tens of millions of dollars during his life, was reported to have only $18,000.00 when he passed away in 2014. Mr. Rooney appeared before the Senate Special Aging Committee in 2011 and testified he had been a victim of elder-abuse by his wife and stepchildren, stripped “of […]