Tax Filing Deadline is October 17th: Don’t Miss It!

Issue 39.11

Did you miss the April 15th deadline again?!? Are you a procrastinator who gets an adrenaline rush from filing your taxes at 11:59pm on the tax deadline date? Maybe you thought your taxes were too complicated or that you may owe money? No matter what the reason, this is it! You […]

A Quick Summary 2011 Changes

Issue 34.11

Vehicles: Medical/Moving .1

Business .51 Charity .14 Exemptions & Rates 1. Tax Rates 10%-35%. 2. Personal exemptions $3,650. 3. Itemized deductions allowed in full. 4. Capital Gains rates remain at 2010 rates; Dividends will remain taxed at Capital Gains rates. 5. Marriage penalty relief provisions extended. 6. AMT Exemption Amounts: Married […]

Tax Credit For Summer Day Camps?

Issue 29.11

The Internal Revenue Service said recently that parents may be able to qualify for a tax credit to help defray the added expenses of summer day camp for their children.

Many parents who work or are looking for […]

Oh No! I Got A Letter!!… Facing A Tax Dilemma?

Issue 24.11

It’s that time again. Tax Professionals are in great demand. In recent days, there have been many letters and notices (in the thousands) mailed by The Internal Revenue Service, Utah Tax Commission and other government agencies to taxpayers (individuals & […]

Citizens Beware!… Identifying Tax Fraud

Issue 19.11 There are many scams in the world today. Some are very upsetting once a person finds out later that those who posed as representatives of the IRS were fakes. These fakes use every tool at their disposal to deceive the taxpayers of their legitimacy representing the IRS. They scam individual’s […]

Tax-Time Errors Filers Should Avoid… Free Extension Filing Until 4/18

Issue 14.11

Use caution against these nine common errors to avoid delayed refunds or IRS processing.

1. Incorrect-Missing SSA Numbers. When entering SSNs for anyone listed on your tax return, be sure to enter them exactly as […]

Should You Do Your Own Taxes?

Issue 10.11

Ask yourself these questions.

1. Do I have time to do my taxes correctly? The IRS estimated that the average taxpayer needed 21.4 hours to do their tax returns. All the organizing and documentation to […]

Eight Facts About Filing Status… Tax Help From The Tax Guys

Issue 5.11 Today we consider Filing Status. This article references the information I received from the IRS. IRS Tax Tip 2011-09, January 13, 2011

The first step to filing your federal income tax return is to determine which filing status to use. Your filing status is used […]

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To File!… Five Tax Tips

Issue 52.10

In a discussion about taxes the other day a friend said to me “I have been guilty of filing my taxes at midnight on April 15th, but as I get older and my taxes get more complicated, I can’t afford to wait […]