This Article Is For Women… It’s YOUR Money

Issue 9.11

Women often have special needs in caring for their money and other financial resources.

Our mothers and grandmothers rarely knew about, or were involved in, the family finances. Some shocking realities arose […]

Identity Theft – The Intentional Threat To Your Retirement… Keys to Retiring Right

Issue 4.11

Kimberly was having a fun breakfast with her 3 children (ages 3-7) when the doorbell rang. It was the police coming to arrest her for endangering the life of a child. Horrified and fearful, Kimberly was […]

Safety vs Risk In Your Retirement Nest Egg

Issue 51.10

My Grandfather said: “It’s easy to make money at the livestock market. Just buy when it’s low, and sell when it’s high.”

Unfortunately, he lost his Wyoming ranch in the Great Depression, because the […]

Mixing Money And Pumpkin Cheesecake

Issue 48.10

Hello, Southern Utah!!

Let us introduce ourselves.

We pray that you enjoy a grateful, happy Thanksgiving, with a house full of laughing children, adults chatting world politics, and football. It […]