Want To Lose 3-7 Pounds A Week?… Program New to U.S.— Easier than HCG

Issue 47.09

Your Last Diet! Based on 23 years of experience and 5 million successful people in Europe, Canada, and now a health based weight loss program that is 18 months new to the United States. The program is only available through […]

Senior Challenges May Be Common Among All Ages… Address Your Stress

Issue 23.09

Most of us are looking for the ability to live and enjoy life to the fullest. Unfortunately due to past traumas we may be experiencing difficulties that are holding us back from easily doing this. You may be having a […]

Wellness Alternatives for Seniors…Treating The Whole Person

Some medical professionals focus on nutrition, some on detoxification, some on allergies, others on emotions. The Natural Healing & Wellness Center is known for doing it all; a team of Alternative Physicians and Chiropractic Group which offer unique non-drug natural care custom to your needs. The doctors go beyond what most other doctors […]

Wellness For Seniors…Health Is First Priority

Making our health a priority is our first step towards wellness. Typically we don’t think about our health until it is in jeopardy. Being better informed will help you make proper decisions.

Some of the latest research suggests that premature aging, organ distress, and body degeneration are triggered by inflammation. Inflammation causes slow […]