Injury Prevention And Solutions… Tennis And Pickleball In St. George

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I remember when I was playing tennis over twelve years ago.  Somehow I injured my midback while serving.  Each time I went to serve, the intense pain immediately reminded me of what I had done.  That injury really limited my performance on the court and was very frustrating for the next several months while I slowly recovered.  I wish I would have sought treatment immediately instead of just hoping it would go away.

The sports of tennis and pickleball can bring not only a unique exercise experience, but also tremendous health benefits, such as reducing your risk of a heart attack, toning the muscles of your upper and lower body, burning calories, and improving your balance, hand-eye coordination, and agility.  If you are already involved in the sports or looking to learn more, here are a few tips to help you avoid any potential injuries.

The grip of your racket should be thick enough for your hand to fit around it without having your thumb and fingers overlap one another.  The racket should be comfortably cushioned to absorb the shock that comes from hitting a tennis ball.  Don’t try to pick out a bigger racket just to give you a better chance at hitting the ball and with more power.  With an oversized racket, catching the ball on the extreme edges of the racket causes a greater force that can twist your hands and wrists beyond their normal range of motion.  If you have chronic wrist and elbow pain look for a normal-sized racket, with a hitting area of 105 square inches or smaller.

If you are a beginning player, take lessons.  They teach good habits and proper form, which will help take pressure off your wrists, spine and hips.  Certain strokes if done incorrectly (like a one-handed backhand) can cause elbow and wrist pain in a very short amount of time.

Even with the best preventive measures, pain and injury can be a fact of life with any sport.  If you experience pain or injury beyond simple muscle soreness, visit your doctor of chiropractic.  Doctors of chiropractic are uniquely trained to treat common tennis and pickleball injuries, such as tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, low-back injuries, sprained ankles, and knees.  They can also help you choose proper rehabilitation exercises and prevention techniques to get you back on the court and reduce the likelihood of future injuries.

Advanced Spine & Rehab is an integrated chiropractic clinic specializing in treating senior patients with conservative therapy. These doctors not only treat tennis injuries but are avid tennis players and understand the effect the game has on your body. Call us if you have any questions at 435-656-3266 or visit our website for more info –

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