Improved Benefits Of The Reverse Mortgage

Issue 46.12

During our current economic times the housing market seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s attention. Will rates stay low? How low will they go? The one constant during this mess has been the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage), better known as the Reverse Mortgage. This is only available to those who are the age of 62 or older but FHA has taken this once flexible yet vulnerable loan and refined it into a true source of financial relief for the Senior Citizen in our Country. Regulations are in place to protect the borrower from high rates as well as capped fees making predatory lending a virtual thing of the past.

My name is Scott Gibson. I have been working in the world of Home Finance and Reverse Mortgages going on 15 years. I currently work with one of the largest Mortgage producing companies in the State of Utah, Axiom Financial. I started investigating the HECM loan roughly 6 years ago as the necessity for it in Southern Utah seemed to be increasing as the population growth for seniors followed the same pattern. Accompanied by great weather, beautiful scenery and clean air seem to be a few of the reasons the older generation seek for a higher level life in our area. My intense studies have proven to solidify me as a complete advocate of the HECM. With a triple digit client list I have seen more scenarios than I ever imagined and in each case the Reverse was able to provide the financial assistance or freedom the client was looking for.

My first interest is educating people on the improved benefits of the Reverse Mortgage regardless of past rumors. There are no fees for my consultation and I encourage people to find any objection they have and bring them to me front and center. The loan may not be for everyone, but the benefits may just make a difference? Remember, you will never know until you research so why not get valuable information from a reliable source? Give me a call anytime at Axiom Financial. See ad for further details.

For more specific details on whether a HECM loan is right for you, give me a call to discuss all your personal options. Scott 435-767-1092.

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