What Makes Southern Utah Different?

Issue 14.14

As a native to the area, I grew up in the small town of Virgin, Utah.  I knew early on there was something so special about our communities and culture in our beautiful and majestic Southern Utah that we are so fortunate to live in.  The area has grown leaps and bounds from the 80’s to now, be it Virgin, or St. George and everywhere in between and around.  Something hasn’t changed, our openness to love and to be loved.  Full of compassion and empathy our community is different.  If we were ill our neighbors, friends, church member, co-workers bring over dinner for you and your family.  Everyone seems to care about their communities and everyone in them.  As our community grows – so does the love and compassion for everyone in it.  I can personally say I LOVE where I live and the people.  Even in business we still see love, caring and respect for our competitors and contributors.  We all are ready to jump in a help whether it be fundraisers, educating, volunteering for children, teens, seniors, or people just having a tough time.  I personally believe in paying it forward, treating others the way you want to be treated.  We act, we love, we care, we give back and we take care of our own.  I believe that the difference is exactly that!  We even as professionals don’t just give referrals to people, unless we know that they have virtue and are trustworthy.  Because of the standards that have set where we live, it’s a reflection on whomever gave that referral or recommendation.  Wow!  That doesn’t happen just everywhere.  As we continue to bloom and grow I hope that we never lose what makes us different.

Many of us already pay it forward every day.  To pay it forward means to do something for someone else with no strings attached or nothing in it for yourself.  But knowing today you made a difference.  I challenge all of us to create our own reality… In knowing this small thing, may change the World as we know it.

Come see us at Spring Gardens and Feel the Difference!

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