The “Smart” Choice

Issue 28.14

I recently read an article on Updating your Kitchen.  It mentioned Changing Cabinet Color as a “Smart Remodeling Option.”  I thought about this and realized how extremely true it is.  Many times we buy or replace something because we don’t know better; we don’t know all of our options. I know wood, I know cabinets, and I visit at least 20 homes and jobsites a month. My job is to analyze your wants and needs, use my knowledge of products, craftsmanship, and experience to give all the options and let you make an informed “Smart” decision about what’s best for you. If I leave without you saying “I didn’t know that was an option” I haven’t done my job.  

If you’re building a new house, you most likely need new cabinets.  If you are remodeling or updating let the fun begin. Is Remodeling fun?  Remodeling opens so many possibilities, you get all the options of new plus so many more. Options equal Choices, Choices equal Freedom, Freedom is Fun!  I only get so much space so let’s talk about the Color Change of cabinets and why it maybe “Smart”.

 “Smart” reasons to Change the Color of your Cabinets with NHance:

1. Update the Entire Room.  Styles change, a new color looks…well New!

2. Colors.  Literally Thousands of Color Options.  Let your imagination go.

3. Quick.  An average Kitchen takes 4 days to complete

4. Convenient. You don’t have to go without your Kitchen.  You can cook dinner in your Kitchen every night.

5. Baby Steps.  No need to replace flooring, walls, countertops, appliances and all the things associated with a complete remodel.

6. Going Green.  What’s more green than reusing something.  

7. Cost. Save Some Green.  Going Green is going to save some green.  Cabinet Color Change averages One Third the cost of new cabinets.

8. Clean. No Dust. No Odor. No Mess.  Water Based Products, No Sanding, No harsh Chemicals, make Color Change with Nhance Clean and Odor Free.  Traditional Finishes can keep you out of your house for days with the smell and unhealthy vapors.

Venuti Woodworking and NHance are your Wood Specialists. Let us help you make the “Smart” choice.  Floors, Doors, Cabinets, Moldings, we can Repair, Renew, Replace we do what’s best for you!  Call today for your Free In Home Consultation 435-669-7080.



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