“Jacob’s INHERITANCE” Revue

Issue 39.14

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  To all of you who have contacted me about my book, “Jacob’s INHERITANCE Volume I”.  Some of you have asked me to bring copies of the book down to St. George.  I am available on Tuesdays from 9:00 am – 10 am, and after 5:00 pm.  Call for more information.

I just went to a Book Signing in Vernal, Utah, and it was a great success.  I sold 40 books at an Open House. (I only had 40 books with me.)

I had one lady who bought the book in the morning and the next day she reported that she had read it and wanted to get Volume II.   So far I have had wonderful reviews. 

Please note that I am self publishing my own book.  If I went to a publisher and they accepted my book it would be thirteen months before the book would be out to the public.

What people have commented to me on my web site: is that the book is so refreshing, and so clean and wholesome.  I have parents who are reading it to their children for family home evenings or at bed time. One father said, “The problem with your book is that it captures my children’s imaginations, and they can see the people who you have created, they are enthralled and don’t want me to stop reading.”

My story is historical fiction. Many of the names of people I have used, I have known personally. I have used the exact names of people, business and streets in San Francisco.  San Francisco’s first Police Chief, Captain Fallon is factual.  I have used actual miner’s names and mining claims in Yreka, Calif, where gold was discovered in 1851.  The streets in Yreka, Calif are the same today as they were in 1855.  (I lived in Yreka 8 years).

In Volume I, Fort Jones was real, and Captain Edward H. Fitzgerald was the Commanding Officer. He only had fifty-eight soldiers under his command to contend with over 2,000 Indians.  Also, Captain Ulysses S. Grant was AWOL and never reported for duty.

The training of the stallion is real.  My father and grandfather trained horses.  The method they used, I used in the story with the stallion who would try to crush Jacob.  I have had 6 stallions, and I am familiar with horse training.  We owned an 800 acre ranch in Yreka, California where we raised horses.

When Jacob married White Fawn, I used the exact ceremony that the Sioux Medicine Man performed.

Jacob’s Inheritance Volume I is now available.  It is not in stores, because I have self-published it. You can order the book by going to my web site: and click on Volume I.  Volume II is being edited, and Volume III and IV are half done.  After you read the book please go to my web site and fill out the survey.  Or, you can go to and order a book.  

I really thank Blaine Yorgason for endorsing the book. He has helped me a great deal. Any questions? Call me at 435-531-9418  Have a good read, I am absolutely confident you will enjoy it. Doc.

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