Great Time For A HECM?

Issue 41.12

The HECM is the federally insured reverse mortgage product. It is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), a branch of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HECMs account for nearly all reverse mortgages made today in the U.S. Below is statistics released by the National Reverse Mortgage […]

Reverse Cut And Dry

Issue 36.12

So many articles highlight the advantages of the HECM mortgage but avoid the critical details which aren’t as palatable as a large chunk of money to spend tax free. This will detail the nuts and bolts of the loan.

The first requirement is age. A qualified borrower must be 62 years […]

Creative Options All Your Own

Issue 31.12

Robert and Jean owned their home free and clear. It appraised about $400,000. They performed a Reverse mortgage and took out about $250,000 of equity from their current home. They used this money to buy 2 rental properties. Because the Real Estate economy was at the bottom, they now own income […]

Not Yesterday’s Reverse

Issue 26.12

For many years the Reverse Mortgage was known to be an option for financial relief for seniors who found themselves without antiquate means for retirement. They saved their whole life to get their home paid off then the reverse would allow them access to a large portion of the equity and […]

The Wait Is Over

Issue 21.12

Have you been pondering the idea of a Reverse Mortgage or formally known as H.E.C.M.? It can be a very attractive avenue to travel to help stabilize your financial future. The concept is a good one but what about the timing? There seems to be so many variables to consider when […]

Sounds Great, What’s The Catch?

Issue 16.12

By now you have seen ads in the newspaper, heard them on the radio and even seen them on T.V. telling you about “No payments for life” or “Let your home pay you”. These statements can absolutely be true. The fact is the Senior H.E.C.M. loan offers this option to qualified […]

Is HECM The Answer?

Issue 11.12

There is so much information regarding the HECM or Reverse Mortgage being presented in today’s media. Robert Wagner, Henry Winkler and other celebrities can be seen on the television screen promoting this somewhat mysterious loan. Newspaper ads and radio spots all targeting the senior home owner.

But, is it a real […]

Learning Made Simple

Issue 5.12

Many People hear about things through advertising in Newspaper or Television ads or even on occasional radio spots. This type of advertising is great to spark your interest, but what can you do now your attention is peaked?

Free education seminars have been the most successful format of communication and education […]

A Source Of Financial Relief… Reverse Mortgage Explained

Issue 48.11

During our current economic times the housing market seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s attention. Will rates stay low? How low will they go? The one constant during this mess has been the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage), better known as the Reverse Mortgage. This is only available to […]